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Our Deer Family



What makes Whitcomb's Unique?

The most important assurance we offer our customers in regard to Whitcomb's Whitetail's Uncommon Scents is the fact that we don’t purchase and resell our scents from some other vendor. This means that we have control over the quality of the food source and the procedures used to collect the urine that we sell.

  • At Whitcomb's Whitetail's Uncommon Scents Inc., we raise our own herd of genetically superior whitetail bucks and does.
  • We manage the herd with the quality of the final product as our highest priority.
  • We provide superior food plots, minerals, and plants to the herd for their health to ensure that they produce the highest quality scent.

Hunters and others interested in seeing the Whitcomb's Whitetail's herd of whitetail deer can call 1-763-389-3706 Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. April through December to set an appointment.

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Our Deer Family, the highlight of your event!

Our deer family is movable and can be shown at county and state fairs, sports shows, and hunting expositions around the country. For information on how you can have the Whitcomb's Whitetail's at your event call Andy Whitcomb at 1-763-389-3706 or e-mail at:












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We are located:

just North of Princeton, MN on the west frontage road of 169

3947 Baptist Church Road   Princeton, MN 55371


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