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We plant and design food plots


How to be Successful in Planting Food Plots
Here are some tips from the pros …


My name is Andy Whitcomb, owner and operator of Whitcomb’s Whitetail’s and Whitcomb’s Nursery.

Being a fanatical hunter and nurseryman, I understand how these businesses go hand in hand.

I have a degree in horticulture and am very knowledgeable about plants. I have done many years of research to help design the optimum nutrition

program for my deer as well as those in the wild.A plant needs proper soil, fertilization, minerals, pH

levels and adequate sunlight in order to thrive.If a plant lacks any of these key ingredients, it will not give

your potential trophy buck the nutrition that he needs for maximumbone development and antler growth.


An important step before planting your food plot is deciding how big it should be.

A single jug of our 9-variety perennial seed blend will do approximately 1/4 acre and last 4-6 years when properly maintained.

Most of the plots we plant are between 1/4 and 1/2 acre. That is plenty for most areas! Some people think that the larger the food plot,

the better, without realizing the amount of forage that 1/2 acre can produce.On a healthy food plot, 1/2 acre can produce up to two tons of forage in one year.

Unless deer densities are very high, this is more than adequate. Excessively large plots only increase costs and time spent in

maintenance without benefiting the deer herd. In addition, larger plots are more difficult to hunt.








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